Friday, November 26, 2010

Costa Rican Hot Springs Sustainable Community

On my travels, I met Silvio Bonomelli, an Italian jungle man who is creating a self-sustaining thermal pool community in Costa Rica. Silvio transmits a truly inspiring vision of do-it-yourself sustainability.

There are 17 naturally occurring hot (very hot!) springs on the land, and it looks to be a paradise. Silvio is using biodynamic agriculture methods (“better than organic!” he told me), growing an incredible bounty of crops on this land: banana, chayote, avocado, coffee, and an odd assortment of shaped Christmas trees, a leftover from the previous owner. He has a good rapport with the local families, and is engaging local children in the project.

Silvio and his team are constructing this life as we speak, and Silvio welcomes people to come and see (and maybe lend an arm!)
See video of Silvio rolling through the jungle

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